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Teaching Parts of Speech

Found In: language arts, written composition

To help the students with their writing, I have the children brainstorm for different parts of speech. I start by asking them to name nouns reminding them of proper and common nouns. As they call them out, I write them on the board and a student enters them on the word processor. We repeat this process for verbs, pronouns, adverbs and adjectives.

I print their brainstorming ideas on colored paper, laminate them and cut them out. Each part of speech is printed on a different color paper. Adjectives are a brighter shade of the same color as nouns and adverbs are a brighter shade of the same color as verbs because these words "brighten up" or modify.

I put each part of speech into a container. The students draw words to create sentences. I start with one noun and one verb sentences and then get more difficult from there. The students must use all the words that they draw but they can add their own words to the sentences.

I give prizes for the sentences that are the most creative. Sometimes the students work in small groups where each student is responsible for a different part of speech. This activity helps with sentence structure and gives the students ideas for short stories.



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