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Textbook Labeling

Found in: routines & procedures; supplies

When I recieve new textbooks, I number them with an L for Lambert. I also write the number with a black Sharpie on the bottom edge of the book, which lets me see the number at a glance. I assign one number per student at the beginning of the year and post this on a chart in the room. For example, Allison is number one and all her books will be numbered with L1.

Any time a book is found in the classroom, we can quickly identify who the book belongs to without having to open it and look for the name. If it's found on the bus, any student in that particular grade knows this is a book that belongs in Ms. Lambert's room. At the end of the year, the books are taken up and stacked in order with the end numbers showing. A quick scan identifies any missing books. The principal and central office textbook coordinator are most appreciative of the time saved in performing textbook inventory as they can quickly scan numbers and move on to the next classroom.

This past year I served as principal of our school and many teachers didn't number and stack their books in this manner. After conducting the inventory process twice, I will make textbook labeling a school-wide requirement for the fall to save time for myself and for central office staff who have to inventory an entire school system.