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Three Folders of Different Colors

Found in: homework; motivating students; parent involvement; parent-teacher communication

Homework problems? I suggest starting with three different color loose-leaf folders.

Folder #1 stays at school. In Folder #1 goes all daily and weekly assignments to be completed. It is important to choose a bright color like red so that it is easy to locate.

Folder #2, another bright color, goes home with the student each night. In Folder #2 goes daily homework to complete and /or share with parents.

Folder #3 stays at home with homework to be completed.

To increase motivation and assist a reluctant student to buy into this intervention, I recommend that you let him/her choose the colors for the folders. This option gives a student some sense of immediate control over the management system.

All three folders are the responsibility of the student; however, the parents check only Folders #2 and #3 each day. Folder #2 goes back to school each morning. Additionally, you need to establish a routine at home by placing the folders somewhere obvious so that they can be seen quickly and easily each night and morning.

The key to successful behavioral change is to keep the communication going well among participants. The parent will need to accept shared responsibility with the classroom teacher to implement this intervention, get it working, and to keep it working well.