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Tissue Paper Bleeds

Found in: art; holiday

For this project you need colored tissue paper, plain white vinegar, brushes, scissors (optional), and semi-porous white drawing paper. Students begin by cutting or tearing tissue paper into design shapes or parts of a whole picture, such as green paper for leaves and pink paper for flowers.

Once the paper cutouts are laid in place on white drawing paper, students should dip their brushes into the white vinegar and (lightly) brush it on to the tissue paper. This causes the color in the tissue paper to 'bleed' on to the drawing paper and the moisture holds the tissue in place for a few minutes. Warning: not all tissue bleeds. If in doubt, test a small piece first.

In a few minutes, after the tissue is dry, students should gently shake off the pieces, and they will find a design or 'painting', something akin to sponge or block painting. This project makes great covers for holiday and birthday cards or for framed prints.