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Unique Student Qualities

Found in: back to school; building trust & community

On the first day of school, I give students little baggies with an assortment of seeds. We discuss what is interesting about the seeds. Then I read the picture book called Mrs. Spitzer's Garden and discuss how the flowers are all different and how they all need different things to grow. I give the students a list from the book describing the different kinds of flowers. They must choose the one that is most like them and describe why. Then I ask them to tell me what they need from me as a teacher to help them become the students (flowers) they were meant to be. It may be that some need more water (attention) than others. Some need lots of room to grow and some can grow just about anywhere. I love the discussion that evolves. It helps us to become a family that helps one another and helps the students see their classmates as individuals.


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