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Using Old Calendars, Part I

Found in: math; problem-solving; reduce, reuse, recycle

When I taught first grade, I used outdated calendars that had big numbers to have the children cut apart the numbers (practice with scissors). Then I shuffled the numbers and had the students paste them down again in their own number lines (to ten or 20 or 30). Or they could paste them in a column and find same number of some object to paste beside each number. Or they could draw objects belonging to the same category (two pets, three dishes, four different kinds of balls, etc.) Or they could paste the numbers on three by five cards with a card with the same number of objects drawn on it. They take their 'decks' home to teach the game 'Concentration' to their families. This way each child has his or her own deck of cards as well as a way to involve parents in reinforcing number concepts and recognition. You can do several variations on this using catalogues and phonics activities.


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