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Using Old Calendars, Part II

Found in: problem-solving; reduce, reuse, recycle

To teach problem solving when learning about calendars, I used outdated calendars. I asked students to cut the calendars apart and cut the names of the months off, so they were left with separate sheets of one month each with no name. Working in groups, students were tasked with constructing a calendar for the New Year using the old months, correctly re-naming them. When they finished, each group reported out, answering these questions:

  1. What problems did they run into?
  2. Did they think about these in advance, or did they discover them as they went along?
  3. Were they able to complete the task using one previous year or did they need more?
  4. What other challenges can they think of about constructing a calendar?
  5. How would they make a universal calendar, good for any year?


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