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Youngsters' Office Trips

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I teach preschoolers with disabilities and have also taught kindergarten. I have taken in-school field trips to the office. We observe what the office staff does and the equipment they have. I have my assistant stay in the classroom, and we call her over the PA system. The kids love the PA system, and calling my assistant helps the kids understand where the voice in the box is coming from when they hear announcements. I also let each child use the copying machine. After the trip we set up our own office in the classroom complete with clipboards, an electric typewriter, computer keyboards, phones, envelopes and stamps.

We also visit the clinic. We do this visit early in the year before anyone needs to go. The trip helps alleviate some of the fears they have about being taken to see the nurse. She weighs and measures them, lets them try her stethoscope, lets them look in their classmates’ ears, and shows them things like Band-aids and ice packs.


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