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Caught Doing Something Good

Found In: discipline, motivating students, student participation

There are a couple of ways I use rewards to help my students stay motivated. First, I use something I call “Gotcha!” If I catch my students doing something good, he or she gets to put his or her name on the back of a paper slip. I collect slips at the end of class, and then on Fridays I randomly draw a few of slips and pass out small prizes (candy, sticker, etc.).

Second, I created a Participation Extra Credit program, which I call a “PECK.” Students earn PECK points by participating during class. At the beginning of class, I let them know what counts as participation and how many times they need to participate in order to earn a PECK. PECK points are recorded on paper slips, which students can then attach to quizzes and tests for use as extra credit. They can use one PECK for a quiz and up to 5 PECKS for a test.

The level of participation increased significantly and continued throughout the year. I was very pleased with the result.



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