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Celebrate Reading with the Cat

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To celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday, we have a weeklong celebration, beginning with dressing like our favorite storybook characters. The principal and assistant principal dress up like Seuss characters and read to different classrooms. We have mystery teachers who switch places and read to each other's classes. I always invite our math supervisor to read a math-related book to my math class. Since we are so close to Philadelphia, we are fortunate enough to have professional sports players accept our invitation to read to our students. That is always a thrill! We also host a Principal’s Night at a local bookstore. Teachers are on hand to read, and proceeds from sales support our library.

To cap off the week, we have a "Crazy Hair, Crazy Hat Day." Those who come up with a Seuss-inspired hat or hair-do can win a prize. Some teachers have their students bring in blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals, and they spend the day reading in comfort. Each morning during announcements, there is a Seuss trivia question, and the class who responds first via email wins a prize. My students race to my stack of Seuss books looking for the answers. I put the books out the week before, so they can read ahead and enjoy books they have not read for years. Our fifth-grade classes read to their first-grade buddies. We look forward to the Cat coming back each year!



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