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Class Average Challenge

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I am the main Civics teacher at my school, and I usually teach 3, 4 or even 5 sections of Civics a semester. For many years I have had all my classes compete against each other. I average the scores for each class for each major test and show the results to all of them the next day. Students are always interested, and it does seem to act as incentive for each student to try harder to raise the class average. They are not shooting to get a good grade for themselves, but to help their class win the prize!

The prize used to be a pizza party, but when the local school culture began frowning on such parties I switched the reward to a field trip to downtown Chicago with Mr. Pahl. I love it, and the winning classes have loved it. I have developed contacts at the federal court at the Dirksen Center and the Chicago Board of Trade, and it is a really educational and fun trip.



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