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Class Mission Statement

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At the beginning of the school year, my class creates a Mission Statement, rather than a list of rules, for how the class is going to behave and treat each other. We start by brainstorming a list of what the students think is important for our class to be successful. Words like respect, responsibility, organization, and active listening always make the list.

Then we plan how we are going to incorporate our ideas into a statement. Since each year I have a theme, the students have creatively woven the important ideas within the theme. For example, this year the theme is “Keep Calm and Follow the Yellow Brick Road.” The Mission Statement infuses references to the Wizard of Oz, while including the rules for behavior and success. Of course, we always include FUN as part of our statement.

Since the students brainstormed the list and collaboratively wrote the statement, they have complete ownership of it. The statement is signed by everyone and hung up in our classroom.


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