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Create an Auto-Booklet

Found In: book making, creative writing, language arts

A project my students did for a few years in the spring was creating booklets about themselves. The booklet opened up like a pop-up with four “rooms” in it. Students were given requirements for each room. For example they might:

  • write a six-line poem about of favorite activity,
  • list three adjectives and three verbs describing themselves,
  • record three facts about someone they admire,
  • etc.

They were not allowed to choose a person they were dating, because of the overwhelmingly temporary nature of such relationships in middle school.

Art supplies were provided, though some students brought favorite paper and pictures from home. All of the work was done in class, so I could be certain that the students did it and so they could have fun creating together.

The culminating activity was a silent viewing of the open booklets in which students moved from desk to desk and wrote specific positive comments about the booklets. (We practiced how to do this beforehand using a booklet I had made.)


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