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Fast Facts

Found In: math, flash cards

I do something that I call “Fast Facts.” I make 2-sided copies of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts and staple them into a packet. I have students keep them folded in their Math books so they can find them easily.

At random times of the day I shout “Fast Facts!” and students stop what they are doing to get their packet and work on the facts. They are instructed to start with the first page, and they have to do each problem, in order across the top row, before they can move onto the next row. They can’t skip problems.

I shout out sometimes once, twice or five times in a day. I also shout out in the middle of all sorts of activities and subjects. The kids love the scramble as we only do it for 3 min. (I set my timer). They really love it!


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