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Film Clips Reinforce Learning and Note-Taking

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I show DVD’s, online videos, and other films in association with novels, grammar, social studies, and/or science topics. I tend not to show the film in its entirety, instead focusing only on the skill or topic that we have been learning.

Students must take notes during the film (the skill of note taking is taught prior to this type of assignment.) The note taking is specific to what we are studying. For example,

  • “Look and listen for examples that are the same or different as what we are learning.”
  • “Write down one new fact you learned.”
  • “Write down something that surprised you.”

Before watching the film, the students are told that they will be sharing what they learned with their classmates, so this adds further motivation to listen and learn.

NOTE: “…no license from the copyright holder is required when a teacher at a public school or non-profit educational institution uses a lawfully purchased or rented copy of a movie in classroom instruction.”

See: Issues Of U.S. Copyright Law Relating To The Use Of Movies In The Classroom


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