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First Day Organization and Confidence

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I teach high school English on a block schedule. This first day plan requires a lot of preparation on my part, but the result is worth it.

When my students walk in the first day, their names are already taped on the desks. I’ve checked with their previous English teachers to see what names they go by, especially since sometimes I’m only given an initial class roster. Then, once the bell rings, I tell them to retrieve the packets of papers beneath their desks, sectioned off by block. Inside the first-day packet is a student information form, first week’s vocabulary list, syllabus, and the homework for that night. Honors classes get a weekly agenda, too.

Students know I’m on top of things. I don’t have to spend/waste time assigning seats or passing out materials. Plus, after ten years of teaching, I still get nervous. I appear completely calm and in control, which sets the tone for the semester.


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