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Football Behavior Program

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Years ago, our primary school used sports to create a school-wide behavior incentive program for January. We used a die-cut machine to cut footballs. Each teacher was given a stack. We were asked to carry a few with us at all times. When we saw another class (not our own) that was well behaved in the hallway, cafeteria, at the bathrooms, or the like, we handed a football to a student in the class. They could also earn a football for an individual act of good citizenship. Upon returning to the classroom, the teacher talked about what the class did to earn the football and would post it on a paper football field that was displayed outside of her door in the hall. Each time the class earned a football their “team” would advance ten yards on the field. (This was great for teaching counting by 10’s.) When the team reached the goal post, they would earn a touchdown and start over. Tally marks were used to display and track points earned.

When it was time for the Super Bowl, the totals were given to the principal. We then had a culminating assembly and everyone wore sports-related clothing to school. The principal and assistant principal dressed like football players, complete with helmets and pads! The top scoring classes got to do cheers, and all classes were praised for their behaviors. Examples of especially good deeds and behaviors were announced for all to hear. This activity was extremely popular and allowed us to “catch ‘em being good” rather than give out reprimands.


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