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Fun and Games Assessment

Found in: Back To School, Icebreakers, Building Trust and Community

I spend the first week of school getting to know my second graders and helping them gel as a group. I want them to support each other and trust me with their feelings and problems. Every activity is an assessment, a way to learn classroom rules, or both. BUT, seven-year-olds don’t really know this!

My class will think they are playing a game in a small group. I can make a list of those who don’t know their math facts and present my expectations for working with friends.

They believe they get to sit and chat with a pal. I am discovering who is too nervous to speak to the whole group when it’s time to introduce their partners, and I can assess spelling and handwriting by collecting the interview cards.

I look at the colorful T-shirts each child designed for the bulletin board and know what my class interests are. I also have one less thing to create for back-to-school-night and my class practiced working silently with the privilege of getting new colors from the crayon box or scissors from the bin.

By the end of the week I know my little people very well, they have worked alone, in pairs, and in groups. We have had a fine time, and all of us are ready for the work ahead. It’s enjoyable to plan all of this out!


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