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Independent Reading Time

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From the very beginning of the year, I teach my students to be independent workers. I systematically teach, model, and practice how they are to utilize their independent time. After about the first 4-6 weeks, my students know that they can read silently to themselves, work on writing pieces, work on vocabulary and spelling, listen to a book on tape, and even read quietly with another student while waiting for others to finish a class assignment. I am not an advocate of worksheets to fill time between assignments. I am an advocate of teaching children to love reading and to have a book or two to read at their desks at all times. So whenever they must wait for others to complete assigned work, they can read silently books of their own choosing. My students know that silent reading is always an option for wait time.

Resources I have used are The First Six Weeks of School, The Daily 5, and The Book Whisperer.


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