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One-Minute Flash Mobs

January 12, 2012

Found In: halloween, learning activity, club activity

We have performed flash mobs at our school, usually during lunch in the courtyard. It is not a true “flash mob.” It was more like my students performed in the courtyard and some kids joined in if they wished. We started in September with my dance classes performing a one-minute dance. The students were really excited to have music during lunch. We then put on “Cuban Shuffle,” which many, many students participated in.

For Halloween, my students learned a “Thriller” dance. I taught it to the student body during three lunches, and then on the Monday of Halloween we all performed it together. It was really well received. Now, the teachers want in on one, and we will be doing one for the school Talent Show.

It has also been fun to take the dances my students learn in the classroom and perform them in strange places at school. We performed one dance in front of the office and another in front of our school. Dancing in school is awesome!



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