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Organized Book Themes

Found in: classroom library; reading; routines and procedures

As a Kindergarten teacher, I do many read-alouds. I used to be very frustrated by trying to locate a book in my teacher library. I solved that problem by taking large magazine holders that are all the same color and organizing the read-alouds by theme or topic. I put them on shelves in my room in the order that I use them during the school year. I take down the box that contains the books I need, and it sits on my desk so I can easily grab a book. These boxes have saved me from the frustration of, ‘Where is THAT book?’

During the school year, when I stumble across an idea or a book that ties into a topic, I put it in the appropriate box so I can remember it when it comes time to teach that topic. In my room, there are baskets from which the children borrow books to read during transitions or during buddy reading. To keep these books fresh, I organized my bookshelves to mimic my read-aloud boxes and use cardstock or cardboard labeled with the topic, theme, or author so I can easily locate the books I want to put in the reading baskets. The children really enjoy finding new books that are tied to our learning!


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