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Organized Copies

Found in: paperwork; planning; routines and procedures

I have a rolling open file cart that has numbered hanging folders 1-31 for days of the month. Each month has a hanging folder of a different color. Each day's activities go into the folder for that date. Sometimes I copy more than weeks ahead, so I place those copies in the correct folder for the date. Copies are placed in order, according to class. The afternoon before, I pull the next day's folder, double check to make sure I have everything I need for the next day. This process cuts down on last minute copies. It also makes it easy to move things forward if I find I need to spend additional time on an area, or I didn't get that far. On the last day of the week, I gather the next week's folders to prepare my lesson plans and put the assignments into my online grading program. If I have something special I want to do, such as something on the Super Bowl, I put that in the month folder.


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