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Organizing Career Day

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To ensure a successful Career Day, start with your students' parents. Ask kids, office staff, or administrators which parents have interesting jobs. Survey your class for things they'd like to hear about and ask them who they know with a cool job. In our area, the police are usually able to arrange to come with either a dog or a helicopter or other equipment. Firefighters are always a good Career Day occupation too. Just call the local firehouse and ask who is available on the date you've selected. EMTs might be available too. Contact retirees in local clubs or social organizations to see if they would like to share information about their past or present careers. Your own colleagues may have spouses or other family members in interesting careers. Journalists on local TV or radio stations are often interesting to kids.

For a successful career day, organization is important. Keep records of every contact. Have nametags ready and keep a schedule of who is going where and when. Solicit local eateries to provide coffee, cookies, etc. Arrange for students to act as guides for the visitors as they arrive and need to find rooms around the school. Keep a file of all above the information, and you'll have a usefuls packet to hand off to the next career day volunteer.


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