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Team Teaching Aviation & Flight

Found In: project based learning, team teaching

I work in a team teaching setting. Our team develops a theme to carry across the subject areas, and each teacher develops a unit of study to promote the theme. Recently we did a theme on aviation.

  • Language arts teachers had students write themes on aviation.
  • Science teachers explained the basic physics of flight and made a balsa wood model planes to demonstrate it.
  • Social studies teachers explored the history of flight.
  • A guest speaker (a pilot) talked about aviation/flight. Math teachers found the guest speaker.
  • The art teacher (me!) made paper airplanes with used Xerox copies.
  • The phys. ed. teachers taught long jump techniques, which involved creating lift and forward movement.
  • The music teacher taught songs about flight.

Students collected information and make up a notebook/packet about what they learn and what they contributed to the common theme.



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