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Transition With Tunes

Found in: Handling Disruptions, Routines and Procedures, Transitions

We asked our Facebook fans, How do you restore calm when your classroom, bus or lunchroom gets chaotic?

Ms. Handwerk responded: Transition music helps to get from one activity to the next in my fourth-grade classroom. For example, on YouTube, I load up my favorite, The Piano Guys, and say by the time this song ends I need you to finish what you are doing, place it properly in the correct folder for safe keeping, and get out your science materials....Then I hit play. The students listen quietly and joyfully as they set about their tasks and try to beat the music before the last note is played.

Because the song is playing on YouTube, they can watch the blue play line run across the screen and learn to gauge/manage their time, and its a great two-and-a-half minute break for all of us instead of a chaotic experience, especially for those students who struggle with transitioning. Pleasing audible cues and no nagging words and relentlessly repeating directions.


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