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Using Body Language (and Humor) To Explain Parts of Speech

Found in: grammar; kinesthetic learning

To illustrate subordinating clauses, I have leaned over a student desk, while singing 'You just keep me hanging on!'. Independent clauses simply require a beefed-up chest and hands on the hips, signifying that I am Batman...I can stand-alone.

I imitate the referee's signal for a touchdown before I throw a Minnesota Vikings' football to demonstrate an action verb (the quarterback) sending off its action and always hitting its mark, the direct object (the receiver).

I vigorously slap the back of my hand onto the other six times, representing how an action verb is something that you can see, hear, taste, touch, smell, and do.

I do a terrible dance routine for linking verbs, but for the verb to be, I just sit there with my nose in the air, like a stuffy aristocrat, being quite bored, as I do nothing and go nowhere.

Kids love it because it's high energy and fun.


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