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NEA on Mandatory Social Security: Opposed

Some Social Security reform proponents have suggested requiring Social Security participation for all public employees as a means of strengthening the system. NEA strongly opposes any such mandatory coverage.

  • A federal mandate for public employee participation in the Social Security system would be detrimental to teachers and other public employees and would create financial burdens for states and city governments.
  • Mandatory coverage would weaken existing state and local retirement plans that often offer benefits superior to Social Security.
  • Mandatory coverage would also increase the tax burden on public-sector employers, eventually leading to reductions in the number of new hires, limits on employee wage increases, reduced cost-of-living increases for retirees, and reductions in other benefits such as health care.
  • Mandating coverage of public employees will not solve the Social Security system's financial difficulties. In fact, the amount of money gained by mandating coverage would be relatively small and would not solve the long-term Social Security crisis.

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