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National Council for Higher Education

National Council for Higher Education (NCHE)

Your Advocate For Higher Education

Your Advocate For Higher Education

NCHE Meetings at the NEA Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly in Washington, DC:
July 2, 2016, 4pm-6pm, Washington Convention Center, Room 101, Reception to follow (location TBD).
July 5, 6, 7, 2016, during lunch breaks longer than 30 minutes, Washington Convention  Center, Room 147B.

Welcome to the National Council for Higher Education's (NCHE) web site. NCHE is an independent membership organization for all higher education members of the National Education Association who join.

Membership | Join NCHE Now!

To join NCHE or to renew your membership, you may click here for online processing using a credit card: Join NCHE Now!

Individuals ( PDF, 83 KB, 1pg.), Associates, ( PDF, 88 KB, 1pg.) and Organizations (PDF, 130 KB, 1pg.) may may become members of NCHE so that we can continue to lobby for the interests of our 150,000 NEA higher education members. You may fill out these applications and follow directions for sending a check, or you may join online through this site: Join NCHE Now!

Please encourage your colleagues and your organizations to join as well.

Dual Enrollment:

Dual enrollment is an issue that draws much discussion and takes many forms throughout the country.  NCHE Executive Committee member Alec Thompson recently presented on this topic at the NEA Leadership Summit in Dallas, Texas, in February 2016.  This presentation may be found here.




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