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Our Partnerships

NEA actively reaches out to parents, families, communities, businesses, foundations, education groups, and children’s advocates because every sector of society has a stake in ensuring that every child in America has a great public school.

NEA’s current partnerships include a wide range of activities, cosponsored events, research, and educational products and services for NEA members and students.


  • The MyMoneyAppUp Challenge
    Ideas and designs for next generation mobile tools to help Americans shape their financial futures.
  • Healthy Habits Program
    NEA has partnered with the National PTA and Lysol to help reduce school absenteeism by elevating the education of health and hygiene to students both in the classroom and at home.

  • Democracy Day
    An exciting new event, in partnership with Rock the Vote, to energize and inform students about voting.
  • Solar Decathlon
    An international competition that brings teachers and students a range of educational opportunities for exploring how the sun can power their world.
  • 2010 Census
    How NEA members informed families about the importance of the count and of Census-takers getting accurate information, especially in “hard to count” areas.
  • Green Schools
    NEA's advancement of green initiatives by members, students, policy makers, and communities for the benefit of environmental health and student achievement. .
  • Civics Education
    Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor says we need to revive civics education in the public schools, and NOT with 'boring textbooks'! See her teacher-friendly plan to make civics education exciting for students.
  • Mom Congress
    Mom Congress is a way to extend parental involvement from the classroom to an online community.

    Advertising and Sponsorships

    NEA offers a number of media options to reach our membership of 3.2 million education professionals.