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About NEA Policy Statements

An NEA Policy Statement sets forth the Association’s position with regard to a particular subject. Similar to an NEA resolution, a policy statement may include expressions of opinion, intent, or belief. Policy statements are different from resolutions in that they explore issues in greater depth, while resolutions are intended to set forth general concepts on the Association’s beliefs and positions. Additionally, policy statements may be action oriented, and may also indicate support for or opposition to federal legislation.

Since their inception as one of NEA's primary policy vehicles, the Association has adopted eight policy statements:

  • Affirmative Action Policy for Ethnic Minorities and Women
  • Privatization and Subcontracting Programs
  • Kindergarten and Prekindergarten
  • Teacher Evaluation and Accountability
  • Digital Learning 
  • Discipline and The School-To-Prison Pipeline
  • Charter Schools 
  • Community Schools

Policy Statement Resources