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How Policy Statements Are Crafted and Amended

A proposed new policy statement may be presented to the NEA Representative Assembly for its consideration only by the NEA Board of Directors.

The NEA Executive Committee is responsible for reviewing all adopted policy statements each year to assure that they continue to serve the contemporary needs and interests of NEA. The results of the Executive Committee’s review, together with any recommendations, are reported to the NEA Board of Directors in advance of the annual Representative Assembly. Any amendments to the adopted policy statements approved by the Board of Directors are then submitted to the Representative Assembly for action.

In addition to the review of policy statements conducted by the NEA Executive Committee, the Resolutions and Legislative Committees will periodically consider proposed amendments to policy statements during the course of their regular committee work. Amendments that are approved by either committee are recommended to the NEA Board of Directors for its consideration in advance of the Representative Assembly, or to the NEA Committee on Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules for consideration at the Representative Assembly.

NEA members and delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly may also propose amendments to NEA Policy Statements. Prior to completion of the Executive Committee’s annual review of Policy Statements, any amendment submitted online through the Policy Resource Center will be transmitted to the Executive Committee for its review and consideration. Following delivery of the Executive Committee’s review to the Board of Directors at its spring meeting, NEA members and delegates are instructed to formally submit any proposed Policy Statement amendments to the NEA Committee on Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules on the forms provided while the Representative Assembly is in session. The final submission deadline for proposed amendments is 12 noon on the second day of the Representative Assembly.

If a newly proposed policy statement, or an amendment to an existing policy statement, is adopted by the NEA Representative Assembly, any resolution, new business item, or provision in the NEA Legislative Program that deals with the same subject is editorially changed to accommodate the positions taken in the policy statement. This action illustrates the primacy of an NEA Policy Statement over other Association policies that are annually adopted by the Representative Assembly.

Adopted policy statements continue in force until additional action is taken by a subsequent NEA Representative Assembly.


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