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National Council for Education Support Professionals

National Council for Education Support Professionals

The National Council for Education Support Professionals (NCESP) works within NEA to represent the specific interests of education support professionals. Any active NEA ESP member is eligible for NCESP membership.

NCESP Executive Committee

Debby Chandler (Term Ending 2016)
NCESP President
Spokane, Washington

NCESP Vice President

Lois Yukna (Term Ending 2016)
NCESP Secretary
Metuchen, NJ

Donna Johnson (Term Ending 2017)
NCESP Treasurer
South Hadley, MA

Lakilia Bedeau (Interm Ending 2016)
NCESP Mid-Atlantic Regional Director
Paducah, KY

Carmen Hill
(Interim Ending 2016)
NCESP Midwest Regional Director
St. Louis, MO

Bob McCarty (Term Ending 2017)
NCESP Western Regional Director
Torrington, WY

Mary Parrish (Term Ending 2017)
NCESP Pacific Regional Director
Wasilla, AK

Chuck Thompson (Term Ending 2016)
NCESP Northeast Regional Director
Philadelphia, PA

Vickie Jacquet (Term Ending 2017)
NCESP Southeast Regional Director
Duson, LA


Thank you to all who were able to attend the NCESP General Membership Meeting (GMM) during the 2015 NEA ESP Conference in New Orleans, LA. We invite you to join us at our next GMM which will take place during the NEA Representative Assembly in Orlando, FL. Additional information regarding this meeting will be available late spring.


In accordance with Article IX, Section 2 of the NCESP Constitution and Bylaws, all Constitution and Bylaw changes must be submitted to the President of NCESP by May 1. Any Constitution and Bylaw Amendment Forms received by the NCESP President after May 1 are counted as invalid.

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