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NEA’s Bully Free: It Starts With Me


The NEA Bullying Prevention Kit

Designed by educators for educators, this kit reflects the best available research on bullying prevention:.

Funded in part by the Gill Foundation.


Tray Chaney, Actor and Rap Artist, Speaks Out Against Bullying, Endorses NEA Bully Free: It Starts With Me Campaign:


NEA President Lily Eskelsen García: One Caring Adult Can Make All the Difference in a Bullied Student’s Life.

"I hope to never hear an educator or a parent or a Sunday School teacher say to a frightened bullied child, 'Just ignore it.' Schools that are seeing a decrease in bullying are not ignoring it.  They are acting."
--Lily Eskelsen Garcia, Fall 2014

Key Facts Every Educator Should Know About Bullying

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It’s time to create a bully-free nation. We’ve got the research and the resources. Now it is time to act. Take the pledge now.


If you haven't seen the documentary film Bully, view it online at through November 13, 2014.


All Kids Deserve to Be Safe from Bullying: Jake's Story
By Tim Walker

Create a Safe and Caring Climate for Students with Disabilities and You Shall Be Rewarded
By David Sheridan

Supporting Vulnerable Youth — What Will You Do?
By Paul Sathrum

Zero tolerance policies earn a big fat "F" 
By Joann Sebastian Morris