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NEA’s Bully Free: It Starts With Me

The NEA Bullying Prevention Kit

Designed by educators for educators, this kit reflects the best available research on bullying prevention. To access different subject areas, click on the colored tabs.

Bully Free Campaign What is bullying? How do I intervene? How do I advocate?

Funded in part by the Gill Foundation.

The National Education Association brought together researchers, policy makers, practitioners, and other key education stakeholders to discuss and frame the critical role that school climate plays in the prevention of bullying for a day-long summit during National Bullying Prevention Month.

Take The Pledge

...and receive a free poster and pin!

"I agree to be identified as a caring adult who pledges to help bullied students.

 I will listen carefully to all students who seek my help and act on their behalf to put an immediate stop to the bullying.

I will work with other caring adults to create a safe learning environment for all the students in my school." 


Importance of School Climate: An NEA Research Brief

• What is school climate?
• Why does school climate matter?
• How do you measure school climate?
• How can you improve school climate?

Research-based, student-centered, staff-involving resources for educators: Click here to view or download

Supporting Vulnerable Youth — What Will You Do?
By Paul Sathrum

Fix the Climate of a School and You’ll Fix Bullying
By David Sheridan

Zero tolerance policies earn a big fat "F" 
By Joann Sebastian Morris

Educators take a stand during National Bullying Prevention Month 


"Bully" the Documentary

This is a movie every educator will want to see. Now available on DVD.

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