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Classroom Management

Get Ready for Back to School with our Practical Online Guide

Back to school preps can be stressful, and we're here to help!  We've collected advice and ideas from veteran educators so you can start the new school year off right. 

routines and procedures

Find Out Who Your Students Are

T'Wana Warrick-Bell, Counselor, Oxon Hill High School, Prince George's County, Maryland

What you don't know about your students may hold the answer to your best success as their teacher. See how one educator unlocks the key to undertsanding what makes her students tick.

classroom setup

Arranging Desks

From: Lori

One teacher's simple strategy to be able to scan the room and make sure everyone is on task, while fostering cooperative learning and partner work!


Fairness in Action

Teaching students to play by the rules, to be open-minded, or to listen and share can be challenging, but these educators have some advice and guidelines to get you started.

Connect with Your Peers

First-Year Teacher

Katelynn M. says, “I was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions on classroom management. I am a first-year 7th-grade math teacher in an inner-city school district. I am having terrible luck with classroom control. I am the type of person that needs examples of what to do, not just being told to be stricter.”

Kate Ortiz says, “My first year with 7th graders started out rocky, even though I had taught successfully for many years before that. Here are the things that helped my students get more engaged in their learning and be more respectful: First, learn their names. I was overwhelmed with the number of students I saw each day, having been used to elementary classes, and I didn't make learning their names a priority…”

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Ask the Expert

You can't teach a class that's out of control. But Kate Ortiz, our classroom management expert with more than 30 years of experience, may be able to help. Describe your situation and you’ll have an answer within 24 hours.