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About NEA Legislative Program

The NEA Legislative Program is a wide-ranging agenda for federal action, reflecting the educational and social concerns of the organization’s members. The Program serves as a guide for planning and action by NEA in lobbying the United States Congress, presenting the views of the membership to federal agencies, and working in coalition with like-minded national organizations to attain the Association’s pro-public education legislative goals.

The Program is divided into four sections. Section I focuses on issues and policies directly related to the classroom and school. It includes policies on student achievement, assessments, funding, special education, postsecondary education, and others. Section II addresses factors occurring outside of the school environment that impact student learning, such as poverty, nutrition, and child safety. Section III focuses on educators’ voice in the workplace, and includes policies around school employee rights, collective bargaining, and retirement security. The fourth section addresses broader issues of public policy of importance to the Association’s membership, including public health and well-being, fiscal policy, and human and civil rights.

Legislative Program Resources

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