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Confirm Judicial Nominees NOW

To continue recent progress in creating a federal bench that looks more like America, swiftly confirm President Biden’s judicial nominees.
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Tell senators to confirm President Biden’s judicial nominees.

Courts matter to educators, their students, and their families. Many important cases come before federal courts and impact our communities daily—they determine what happens in our schools, who has access to the ballot box and health care, labor and disability rights, LGBTQ + equality, protections for immigrants, gun safety, and more.

Our judiciary must uphold the rights of all people in America, not just the wealthy and the powerful. To ensure equal justice under law, we need a federal judiciary that looks more like America, composed of fair-minded people from a variety of backgrounds. 

To continue recent progress in reshaping the federal judiciary to reflect America today, urge your senators to swiftly confirm President Biden’s nominees—especially civil rights attorney Nusrat Choudhury, District of Columbia Superior Court Judge Todd Edelman, and civil and workers’ rights advocate Casey Pitts

After more than a year of advocacy by NEA and allies, the Senate confirmed Nancy Abudu to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit—the first Black woman to serve there. She has spent her career defending our democracy, protecting the right to vote, fighting against unlawful discrimination, and ensuring that students have access to a quality public school education.