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Demand Colleges Drop Testing Requirements

Join NEA in calling on colleges and universities to rely on well-rounded information beyond standardized tests so that together, we can ensure every student has a chance to gain the real-world skills they need to succeed.
A behind-the-shoulder shot of a student taking an exam with a mechanical pencil.

Take Action

Call on colleges and universities to drop standardized testing requirements!

If we don’t act now, the recent decision by the Supreme Court to ban affirmative action and race-conscious admission policies could prompt colleges to put even more pressure on limited tests like the SAT and ACT, encompass a student's entire learning experience. While students of every race benefited from admissions policies like affirmative action, if we do nothing Black and brown students will face new barriers when they try to work toward a better future. 

It’s crucial for us to come together and demand an end to overreliance on standardized testing in admissions. The skills students need to succeed have changed drastically over the last few decades, and any assessment should consider students’ needs and learning styles and give colleges a full picture of what students know and can do. That's why NEA is calling on colleges to end standardized testing requirements.