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Demand the Freedom to Learn

Join NEA as we demand an inclusive, culturally responsive public education system in which every student and educator is treated with dignity and respect, no exceptions.
four diverse kids in elementary school lock arms with a colorful mural in the background

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Certain politicians continue to deny students the resources they need for a high-quality education. They purposefully mischaracterize these students—whether they are Black, brown or white; Native or newcomer; Asian; LGBTQ+; or differently abled—and stoke fears about what's being taught in schools, from kindergarten through college.

These dog-whistle strategies are being used to dictate what teachers and faculty can and can't say, to ban books, and to block students from learning our shared stories of confronting injustice. All the while, decision makers hope that parents, educators, and students will be too distracted and divided to notice their failure to give students what they need to thrive.

We are joining together to demand that our schools and institutions be given the resources they need to meet every student’s needs—including well-trained and -supported educators—and that educators be allowed to teach honest, accurate curricula that impart the critical thinking skills students need to reckon with the past and shape the future.