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Freedom to Thrive: Essential Life Skills for Every Students’ Future

Amid increased academic pressures and the effects of social media, essential life skills (which some may know as social and emotional learning) can be an incredible asset for students.
diverse students talking in a circle in school library

Take Action

Pledge to collaborate in support of essential life skills in schools.

Every student, whether Black or White, Native or newcomer, deserves access to a well-rounded education, which includes learning essential life skills such as building healthy relationships, communication, and how to make positive decisions. These skills have been proven to support well-being and prepare students to be successful in all parts of their lives.

As parents, educators, and members of the community, we refuse to allow some politicians to undermine educators and block students from receiving the well-rounded education they deserve.

We pledge to work together across race, place, and background to hold our leaders to account so all kids have everything they need to grow and thrive at school—like essential life skills—so that they can navigate life's challenges with resilience and confidence.