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Share Your Student Debt Story

Together we can continue to advocate for student debt cancellation and a better higher education system for all.
Person with a calculator and credit cards deals with financial issues.

Take Action

If you are one of these thousands of individuals impacted by this life changing advocacy, please fill out this short survey so we can capture what loan forgiveness has meant to our educators.

Due to advocacy efforts by thousands of educators and thanks to the Biden Administration, over 750,000 educators and public service workers have received $53.5 billion in student loan forgiveness through the Limited PSLF Waiver and counting. 

Our work is not done yet. When NEA members speak up together, we are heard! You sent hundreds of thousands of emails to the Department of Education, sharing your stories, and now we have a new cancellation plan, and planned improvements to PSLF and income-driven repayment plans.

Sharing your story allows us to continue to work so that every educator can be free of the burden of student debt.