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Stop Drastic Cuts to Public Schools

The House majority is pushing an education funding bill that would hurt students, eliminate nearly 248,000 educator jobs, and cut access to higher education.
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Take Action

Contact your senators and representative and urge them to oppose drastic cuts in the proposed education funding bill.

Help stop extreme cuts to public school funding.  
The House majority is proposing a budget for education that makes the most drastic funding reductions in recent history.
The Republican proposal, which cleared a key committee along party lines, would:     

  • Wipe out as many as 248,000 educator jobs;  
  • Cut funding by 80% for the Title I program, which helps our most-vulnerable students; 
  • Block President Biden from enacting meaningful reforms to federal student debt programs; and
  • Eliminate federal funding for much-needed professional development, class size reduction, educator salaries, and the English Language Learner (ELL) program.  

All children—no matter where they live, regardless of family income—should have the opportunity for a great education that prepares them for the future.   

Please urge your elected officials to oppose the proposed cuts to education. The more we write to our elected officials, the more we demonstrate how broad the opposition to these draconian cuts is, and how devastating they would be to our students.