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Being poor in and of itself isn’t traumatic, but we do know that children living in poverty have a higher rate of experiencing the types of disturbing events and ongoing stressors that can lead to trauma.
Boy students talking in class while teacher speaks to them from the background

In this course, we are going to look specifically at the trauma that can be experienced by children who are living in poverty. It’s important to think specifically about poverty (what causes it and how it impacts children) so that we as educators can provide non-judgmental support for our students. Moreover, regardless of the source of a student’s trauma, or whether we can definitely say that their behavior is linked to trauma, the support methods we present will create a learning environment that is more supportive for all students and provide a place where they can feel safe and have an opportunity to learn and thrive.

  • Course runs October 4 - November 8, 2023
  • Registration Closes: September 22, 2023

NEA (facilitated) national online blended learning courses run six-weeks with suggested deadlines to help you pace yourself and provide a certificate for *15-hours of professional development upon completion.

Poverty-Related Trauma Schedule

*Disclaimer: NEA Blended Learning course participants are encouraged to review the laws and procedures particular to their home state or country regarding the acceptance of NEA 15 contact hours for professional credit.

Note: NEA blended learning courses are offered at no cost to NEA members. Non-members may register for a $100 fee.