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NEA-Retired State Project Grants

Each year NEA-Retired will award State Project Grants to state retired entities (retired locals must make requests through the State Retired Organization).  In cases where a State Retired Organization does not exist, NEA-Retired will receive and review grant proposals that seek to establish a State Retired Organization. The grant award will not exceed $5,000 a year. 
No State Retired Organization shall receive more than two grants per year.

Specific criteria for awarding these grants are below:

  • Arrange pre-discussions with state executive director and state leaders, and obtain some level of commitment on their part to support and endorse the project.
  • Download the grant application from the Website and submit it as an e-mail attachment to NEA-Retired grant proposals must include a description of the project with the purpose, goals, and objectives. 
  • The grant proposal must include the total amount of the grant requested with a detailed plan for spending the grant dollars.
  • Grant proposals should address a strategic focus or priority of the NEA, or NEA-Retired.  Grant dollars must be used for membership organizing project(s), issue organizing, intergenerational mentoring program development or community partnerships and should be related in some aspect to the main priorities of the NEA or NEA-Retired.
  • Matching support from the affiliate or other community sources is highly encouraged and will be used as a factor to consider the amount of the grant award.
  • Grant applications should include a tool to evaluate the progress and success of the project.
  • Program planners should seek matching funds or in kind contributions from the State Affiliate, and/or public and private agencies.
  • Grant awards will be submitted and funded for one-year only.
  • The grant money should not be used to supplement state or local budgets, staff salaries or travel.  Grant money cannot be used to travel out of state or attend conferences. (i.e., NEA Retirement & Benefits Forum, Alliance for Retired Americans Conference, etc.). NO GRANT MONIES CAN BE USED FOR STIPENDS TO MEMBERS OR STAFF.
  • NEA-Retired members’ dues dollars may not be used for direct lobbying expenses or political action. Consult with legal services when you have questions about appropriate use of grant monies.

    Some Examples:  Grant monies can be used for generic training (i.e. how to do a  phone bank) and for costs associated with operating a get-out-the-vote (GOTV)  campaign for our own NEA-Retired members. However, grant money cannot   be used to contribute to candidates, parties, or campaigns.
  • Grant applications require the signature of the state retired president, state active president and the state executive director.

NEA-Retired will observe these processes in distributing grants:

  • All grant proposals must be submitted by e-mail attachment by August 1, 2013.
  • Grant awards will be given in October each year.  
  • An award letter will be sent to the State Executive Director with copies to the State Retired President, State Staff contact for Retired, State Active President and NEA Regional Director in October each year. 
  • Checks for the amount of the awarded grant will be mailed (payable to the state affiliate) to the Executive Director of the State Affiliate in which the grant request originated.
  • Submit only one copy of your application via email.  
  • Do not FAX the application.

For Contact Information Changes:
Between the DEADLINE SUBMITTAL DATE OF AUGUST 1 and OCTOBER of the year of the grant submission, YOU MUST PROVIDE NEW CONTACT INFORMATION TO NEA-RETIRED VIA FIRST CLASS MAIL OR FAX SO THE CORRECT RECIPIENT WILL RECEIVE NOTIFICATION AT THE CORRECT ADDRESS, if the contact information you provided below for any individual’s changes (i.e. newly designated, elected, replacement individual(s), new addresses, etc.).

Contact Al Beamish for information, questions, concerns and comments regarding NEA-Retired State Project Grants:

Al Beamish, Chair
NEA-Retired Grants Committee
(906) 632-2018  


NEA-Retired State Project Grant Application

2012-2013 NEA-Retired Grants Final Evaluation Form