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Education Support Professionals

Education Support Professionals

We’re NEA ESPs and Proud of It!

ESPs Ensure Student Success

Education Support Professionals are the first and last school employees to see students in the school community. Through their various careers they touch the lives of students and ensure student success. Watch our featured video recorded at the 2014 NEA ESP Conference to hear how.

ESP Lead Farm to School Program in Massachusetts 
Read how ESPs in Haverhill Education Association used NEA ESP Quality Department's Farm to School grant to start a new program that allowed physically disabled high school students to take pride and ownership in the food they helped grow and later prepare. 

Pessure on Paraeducators
Read how special education students and ELLs lead districts to ramp up the training of paraeducators.

Bus Safety Orientation for Parents and Kindergarten Students The best way to ensure bus safety throughout a students school career is to make them feel safe and help them understand bus safety from day one. Read how the Lake Region Non-Teaching Association in Maine does just that.

Arkansas ESP Shares Lessons on Reaching for the Stars
Read what lessons Juain Young, an education support professional from Booker Arts Magnet Elementary School in Little Rock, Arkansas, has learned as an elementary educator. 

NEA Foundation ESP Grants
The NEA Foundation offers news about grant resources geared toward ESPs. Visit the Foundation’s website for an overview about grants, FAQs, and an instructional video. On each page, in the top right corner, you’ll find buttons that link directly to the online application.

Common Ground on Common Core
Read how paraeducators fit in as Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are implemented in classrooms across the country.

Aging School Kitchens Undermine Healthy Meal Preparation
A new report states only one in 10 school districts surveyed (12 percent) have kitchen equipment needed to serve nutritious and appealing meals to students. Read how schools are forced to improvise.

Protecting ESPs Who Are Threatened for Refusing Unsafe Work
Read what kind of hazardous work goes beyond the training of most custodians and why the New Jersery Education Association (NJEA) is pushing back for proper training and equipment for their ESP members. 

When Full-Time School Staff Qualify for Public Assistance it's Time to Fight for Professional Pay 
Had Marianne Murray taken an entry-level job at a fast food restaurant 20 years ago instead of with West Aurora School District 129 in Illinois as a Principal's office asssitant, she might be earning a living wage by now.

ESPQ Director, Roxanne Dove, Blog Topics

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Bully Free Resources for ESPs

Click here for more bullying resources.


A Day Without Education Support Professionals (ESP)

A Day Without Education Support Professionals (ESP)
See for yourself how important every education support professional is to the daily lives of our students and our schools. This poignant video illustrates the value of our work on so many levels. It was produced by Indiana member Mary Neylon.

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