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ESP Members of the NEA Board

25 State and At-Large elected ESP members make up the NEA Board of Directors responsible for the general policies and interests of the Association.

Since 1981, education support professionals (ESPs) have served on the NEA Board of Directors, furthering the interests of students and fellow educators across the country.

Current ESP members of the NEA Board of Directors

  • Maritza Barrera
    Health and Student Services, Texas
  • Maria Bennett
    Paraeducator, Pennsylvania
  • Jacqueline Burton
    Paraeducator, Tennessee
  • Cesar Carranza
    Paraeducator, Iowa
  • Nashasta Craig-Pollard
    Transportation, Alabama
  • Michelle Dennard
    Paraeducator, Minnesota
  • Gwendolyn Edwards
    Technical Services, Virginia
  • Aneeka Ferrell
    Technical Services, Washington
  • Mike Glabere
    Pareducator, Wisconsin
  • Nelly Henjes
    Paraeducator, Florida
  • Vanessa Jimenez
    Clerical Services, Arizona
  • Brenda Johnson
    Health and Student Services, Minnesota
  • Pamella Johnson
    2023 ESP of the Year, Paraeducator, Washington
  • Temika Langston-Myers
    Paraeducator, New Jersey
  • Tarsha Lawson
    Security Services, New Jersey
  • Mark Richards
    New Jersey
  • Ivory Smith
    Custodial and Maintenance, Maryland
  • Dennis Tabb
    Transportation, Missouri
  • Debra Ward-Mitchell
    Paraeducator, Illinois
  • Chiffon Winston
    Health and Student Services, Kentucky
  • Stacy Yanko
    Clerical Services, New Jersey
  • Anastasia Jimenez (alternate)
    Clerical Services, Arizona
  • Tonya Scott-Coyle (alternate)
    Custodial and Maintenance, New Jersey
  • Lois Yukna
    NCESP liason, Security Services, New Jersey




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