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NEA is working to ensure education is affordable and accessible to all

By working to cancel student debt and improve forgiveness programs, we can make sure everybody who wants to learn and grow can do so—without exceptions.

Higher education must be affordable and accessible to all. Yet, for too many, pursuing our college and career dreams means years, even decades of paying off student debt. This is especially true for educators. This system is working for the student loan providers and banks, but not for us.

NEA is fighting to cancel student debt, and to expand and protect programs that can help. At the same time, we're also making sure those programs actually work.

Do you qualify for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness waiver?

This quick questionnaire will help you determine the right next step for tackling your student debt.

Cancel Your Student Debt

NEA’s student debt experts have created tools designed to help educators through the complicated student debt system.

NEA members get free access to individualized support through the NEA Student Debt Navigator.

Use this tool if you are struggling to get started or need help getting the student debt relief you deserve.
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Connect with NEA student debt experts during our webinars.

Join us to debrief the latest student debt news, get your questions answered by experts, and learn actions you can take to create progress. Find recordings of past webinars and information on upcoming events here.
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Not an NEA member? Join today to get access to the Navigator and cancel student debt.

Our voices are strongest when we are united. Be part of the movement to make higher education affordable to everyone.

Young or old, Black or white, educators of all ages and races are burdened with student loan debt. WITH THIS CRISIS, HOWEVER, COMES THE OPPORTUNITY TO CREATE A BETTER, MORE JUST SYSTEM.

We recently had a major victory: Because of the educators and allies who took action, the White House has announced a new student-debt cancelation plan, which could forgive up to $20,000 in federal student debt for borrowers. This victory comes on top of the temporary Public Service Loan Forgiveness waiver, which has delivered $10 billion in loan forgiveness for public-service workers over the past nine months.  

This is the beginning of change, not the end. Implementing these reforms will take time, and we are committed to working with the Department of Education to make them work. We are also steadfastly determined to make sure every educator receives the student debt relief they were promised.   

10 years of public service equals no student debt. Congress made that promise to educators in 2007. And we will not stop until that promise is kept to everyone.

Navigate Your Student Debt

Make Higher Education Affordable for All


James Stewart, a high school science teacher in Maryland with more than two decades of teaching experience, joined our SchoolMe podcast to discuss his student debt journey. Listen to hear his hopes for change in the way Americans pay for higher education.

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Student Debt Cancellation, PSLF & More: What Educators Need to Know

The Biden administration recently announced a new student debt cancellation plan, on top of its temporary Public Service Loan Forgiveness program waiver. It's complicated, yes! But it's also good news for educators and current college students.
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Midway through the PSLF Waiver, NEA Members Report Success

It has been six months since Education Secretary Miguel Cardona enacted a temporary waiver to the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. Since then, about 133,000 borrowers have been approved for $6.8 billion in forgiveness.

NEA Advocacy Leads to Key Change in PSLF

Thanks to NEA’s persistent advocacy, it is now clear: Teachers who received Teacher Loan Forgiveness will not be delayed in getting the more valuable Public Service Loan Forgiveness, too.
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Meet The Educators Whose Student Debt Has Been Forgiven

NEA members have fought hard for fixes to the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program. With the new PSLF waiver, announced in October, many are finally seeing relief.
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You Did This! Fixing Public Service Loan Forgiveness

The Department of Education announced an overhaul of its broken Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, after receiving 168,000 emails from NEA members.
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The Depth of Educators’ College Debt

The rising cost of higher education has led to mountains of student debt among college-educated Americans. New NEA research shows the pervasiveness of this problem among educators, young and old, White, Black, and Hispanic.
student debt trap 7

The Making of the Student Debt Crisis, Explained

The author of "The Debt Trap," a book that describes how the federal student loan program became a "national catastrophe" and offers solutions to the problem, recently met with members of NEA's National Council of Urban Education Associations. Today, he sits down with NEA Today.
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Student Debt Expert Webinar

Get the information you need to apply for the PSLF Waiver and get your student debt cancelled. Join our webinars to hear experts answer common questions.
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