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A World Without Student Debt

Imagine it. A world where every student, educator, parent, and friend can dream without limits. Where a higher education only means greater possibilities. Together, we will create this world.

As children we dream without limits. We imagine ourselves as athletes, poets, doctors, and teachers. Our path flowers with seeds of possibilities.

However, for many of us, our dreams are deferred by the cycle of student debt.

Policymakers have slashed public investment in higher education, offloading the skyrocketing costs onto students. They keep us divided by race and class so that they can make backroom deals with banks and loan servicers. The rich profit while those chasing the American dream drown in student debt.

Generations of barriers also have denied Black, brown, and Indigenous communities a fair shot at resources that would make the college dream a reality. We can make sure students don’t have to choose between basic living expenses or their education, and that families who do attend college are not forever weighed down by a lifetime of crushing student debt.

We can reimagine the road ahead.

Start by Cancelling Your Student Debt

Too many educators have had their forgiveness denied because of technicalities and misinformation. We are working with the Biden Administration to make these systems work better. We also have created our own support programs, including the NEA Student Debt Navigator, to help educators get relief within the current system.

Navigate Your Student Debt

Then...Make Higher Education More Affordable for All

Because of the educators and allies who took action, hundreds of thousands of public service workers will now get the student debt relief they deserve. But we won't stop until everyone is able to learn and grow without a lifelong burden of student debt.

Urge Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona to take immediate action to cancel both the student loan debt of public service workers with at least 10 years of service and $50,000 in student debt for all other federal loans.

Take Action


Cancel Your Student Debt

By working to cancel student debt and improve forgiveness programs, we can make sure everybody who wants to learn and grow can do so—without exceptions.
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Great public schools for every student

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