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Together a stronger voice for educators Become a Member

When educators are heard, respected, and given the resources we need, we can give students our very best. With more members like you, National Education Association educators will have an even stronger voice to improve our daily lives and the lives of our students.

Our members create meaningful change for educators, students, and communities

Together, we have successfully raised wages, improved working conditions, supported student loan forgiveness, and made sure the voices of educators and public employees are actually heard.

Become a Member 

    Smiling woman in a teal shirt with blonde hair and blue eyes.
    This is important to me because what I do through my union impacts my students’ lives and the resources they need."
    Quote by: Angela Dolan, Deaf Education Teacher, Ohio

    Delivering Real Change for Our Students and Schools

    Here are some of our wins in the last year—some are big, and some are small—and that’s the point. We fight for the public schools our students deserve, no matter how big or how small the issue.

    Together we deliver real change that impact our schools and our working conditions.

    Man with short dark hair sitting on bleachers.
    I’m a proud union member because it provides us with better training, better teachers, and better service for students."
    Quote by: Glenn Charlie, Elementary Teacher’s Aide, Alaska

    When educators are heard, respected, and given the resources we need, we can give students our very best.

    Together, We Are a Union 

    As part of the largest labor union in the country, with almost three million members, we work together to ensure that educators and public employees have a stronger voice. 

    It is legal to join in every state! We regularly meet with school administrators, school boards, and lawmakers from both parties to advocate for higher wages, better benefits, and improved working conditions for educators. 

    Become a Member

    Aruna Krishnamurthy
    Students are the underdogs here. And this is precisely why the union must do its work—we must take up their interests and speak for them."
    Quote by: Aruna Krishnamurthy, English Professor

    Membership Types

    NEA members are as diverse as the students we represent, but united in our purpose: championing justice and excellence in public education. NEA members fall into six categories, if you have questions as to which type applies to you, see the definitions below.
    Teacher with brown curly hair and glasses smiles while writing on a white board.

    Active Professional/Certified

    For individuals employed in public education in a certified position in a public school district or institution of higher learning or whose job is primarily education.
    Smiling woman with long brown hair wears a vest and holds a clipboard in front of a bus with students getting on.

    Active Education Support Professional (ESP)/Classified

    For individuals who are employed in public education in a support position in a public school district or institution of higher learning or whose job is primarily in education.
    A teacher wearing glasses and wearing a pink long sleeved shirt sits with a student with a jean jacket and t-shirt.

    Specialized Instructional Support Personnel (SISP)

    For non-classroom educators with specialized training to support the instructional process, resulting in academic and social/emotional success for students.
    Bald man in glasses points to a document held by a woman with long brown hair with a pen.

    Public Service Employee

    City, county, and state employees who provide a wide variety of services for the benefit of our communities.
    Woman in a white blazer with short grey hair and glasses speaks at a podium.

    Retired/Pre-Retired Educator

    For individuals no longer employed in public education and who are eligible to receive a pension from an educational employment institution. You may join as a pre-retired member in advance of retirement.
    Woman with a yellow shirt and grey cardigan with curly brown hair smiles in a library while holding a book.

    Aspiring Educator

    Aspiring Educator Membership is available if you are enrolled in a post-secondary program that is preparatory for employment in a position that will make you eligible for Active (educator) membership in the NEA.
    People with fists in the air hold a large painted banner saying "fight for the public schools all children deserve."

    Community Ally

    For individuals interested in advancing the cause of public education and who are not eligible for any of the NEA membership categories appearing above.
    Woman in blue shirt with grey cardigan, with short black hair and glasses, stands in front of a brick building.
    The NEA/AEA has helped me understand that becoming a teacher and leader is a journey that one doesn’t have to walk alone."
    Quote by: Kelly Givens, Aspiring Educator
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    Don't Miss Your Bonus Benefits!

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    Your union membership gives you special access to the breadth of personal and professional resources available through NEA Member Benefits.
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    Ready to speak up for public schools?

    Learn more about the issues and policies that impact public education, then take action to support students.
    National Education Association

    Great public schools for every student

    The National Education Association (NEA), the nation's largest professional employee organization, is committed to advancing the cause of public education. NEA's 3 million members work at every level of education—from pre-school to university graduate programs. NEA has affiliate organizations in every state and in more than 14,000 communities across the United States.