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NEA Education Summer 2019

Building Strength for Public Education, Students, and Educators

2019: Reimagining Education Summer

The 2019 Education Summer program will build upon prior years’ successes and continue to develop and strengthen locals’ organizing capacity but will increasingly focus on supporting state associations and their local affiliates in achieving authentic organizing wins. This newly revised 2019 Ed Summer program will support state and local associations in achieving the following concrete organizing outcomes, in addition to growing membership and preparing locals for the New Educator Campaign:

  • Internal Capacity-Building Goals: Too frequently, our union is limited in its reach and power due to the lack structural support to develop and implement internal or external organizing campaigns. These structural supports include but are not limited to the following: Contract action teams (CAT), school board action teams, political action teams, organizing committees, early career educator committees, among others.
  • External Strength-Building Goals: Building membership and structural organizing capacity are critical steps to prepare the union to lift educators’ voices, build power, and leverage this power to win for our students, educators, and communities. However, we must increasingly focus on developing and implementing campaigns that improve the lives of public education stakeholders! Examples of external organizing goals that the reimagined Education Summer program will support this year include anti-privatization measures, contract campaigns, increasing public education funding, and passing progressive school board policies.

Why Participate in Education Summer 2019?

The #Red4Ed movement galvanized educators and their communities: associations across the U.S. increased educator engagement on critical public education issues. The 2019 Education Summer program seeks to provide state and local associations with support to realize concrete wins that secure the vision of strong public schools for all students, regardless of their zip code, and ensure that our associations have the structures and systems in place for strong unions. Join us in winning for students, educators, and communities!

Last year’s Education Summer program had significant successes:

  • 16,249 one-on-one conversations conducted
  • 1,763 New Ed cards collected
  • 101% increase in new members recruited for participating Education Summer locals
  • $1.6 Million program impact

Education Summer 2019 locals will receive:

  • Funding. NEA funding in whole, or in part, to run a tailored Education Summer program.
  • Trainings. In-person and remote trainings to educator Education Summer site coordinators on the program and training curriculum.
  • Member Organizer Training Curriculum. NEA provides a suggested training curriculum for new Ed Summer member organizers.
  • NEA Center for Organizing staff. Select locals will receive staff support from a NEA organizer.

Apply to become a 2019 Education Summer local!

Please continue to apply if you are interested in participating in this year’s program. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and applicants will be notified of their acceptance status on a rolling basis as well. We encourage applicants to submit their applications in earlier rather than wait until the final deadline Please note that applicants will not have the opportunity to revisit their applications if it is not fully submitted upon completion. Here is a PDF file of the full application to review before finalizing it online. We recommend that you view this file in its entirety before filling out the online application in order to know the full scope of the information being asked.

Important Dates:

  • Pre-Program Webinar for Accepted Local Associations: April 2019 (exact date TBD)

For more information, contact Michael Schoettle, Field Manager, NEA Center for Organizing at

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